Issue and Political Campaigns

All his life, Sam has volunteered for a variety of political and issue-oriented campaigns. He has worked against war, for civil rights, and for local progressive measures.

Sam started to volunteer for national campaigns by organizing for  Eugene McCarthy in 1968, then for George McGovern in 1972.   In Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, Sam ran a neighborhood phone bank that made 32,000 calls, facilitated volunteers’ travel to other sates, canvassed sections of Oakland, and hosted Get-Out-The-Vote events.  Again in 2012, Sam worked on the re-election campaign.

After the 2009 election, many of the Obama volunteers expressed a desire to continue working together on issues affecting our community. A community action group was formed that became Volunteering for Oakland. It is a recognized 501C3 with projects in improving local education, healthcare, environment, and voter registration.

Sam co-led the non-partisan voter registration events hosted jointly by Volunteering For Oakland and the League of Women Voters.  In 2016, several hundred residents were registered at these events.

For the effort to elect Hillary, Sam helped set-up the headquarter site for several Northern California counties and was one of the a site captains for  the national GOTV in November, 2016.  The headquarters site made hundreds of thousands of calls and social media contacts.  At many times during the GOTV effort, it was the most productive GOTV site in all of California.

Sam plans to work to elect progressive representatives and support forward-looking issues leading to the 2018 US elections.