Medical and Biotech Products Developed

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In Sam’s early career and then beginning as an independent consultant, he mostly developed medical and biotech products, thus when his consulting company was first incorporated, the name chosen was Medical and Biotech Developments. Inc. The company later expanded its services to include entrepreneurial ventures.


Medical devices developed included catheters, hemodialyzers, dialysate delivery systems, blood tubing sets, anesthesia administration components, respiratory care apparatus, oxygenators, wearable EKG electrodes, inexpensive medical supplies, blood clotting timer, heart assist device, minimal invasive surgical instruments, organ preservation system, and ophthalmic devices.


Biotech products developed are used in a variety of diagnostic products and research instruments including: conventional electrophoresis, capillary electrophoresis, HPCE, precast gels, HPLC, preparative columns, microarrays, lab-on-a-chip, blotting, repeatable fluid distribution to 1,536 microtiter plate wells, automated microtiter plate handling, low pressure chromatography, gel dryers, optical scanning systems, DNA synthesis, and lab supplies. Products engineered include: 1 million a month consumables, hand held instruments, desktop stations and hi throughput automated capital equipment.


Nineteen of the above inventions resulted in US patents issued.