Current Volunteering


When working full time, Sam volunteered for a variety of political campaigns, issued-oriented initiatives, and community development projects.   Now that he’s semi-retired, he has increased his volunteering.

Currently. Sam is working on the following:

  • R&D Group of EWB-USA – This team develops devices and researches technologies to address community identified problems in underserved areas of the world.
  • Volunteering For Oakland – Sam co-founder this 501 C3 that works on areas that its members identify as key to Oakland CA’s future. Founded in 2009, it works toward improvement in education, environment, healthcare, and voter registration.
  • Condo Emergency Preparedness – In 2013, Sam moved to a condo complex in downtown Oakland. There he heads the Emergency Preparedness Committee.
  • National Politics – Sam has volunteered and aggressively worked on several Democratic presidential campaigns.  He plans to work to elect progressive representatives and support forward-looking issues leading to the 2018 US elections.