Assisting Those Starting and Growing Independent Consulting Businesses

 Although hired by a joint venture company, Sam had to wait months before they were ready for him to start. He took this opportunity to start temporarily consulting and then started his full time consulting business later. He has consulted for inventors, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, outplacement services, and consulting firms.

Over the years, Sam saw that people in all walks of life have turned an expertise, a hobby, a special interest or skill into a lucrative and rewarding enterprise.  He observed that many needed guidance in their start-up, growth, or transition periods. He has helped many to become self-employed and self-empowered professionals. Feedback from those helped has been highly enthusiastic.

Sam created and taught “Starting as an Independent Consultant”, 2-day seminars offered at UC Berkeley Extension. A modified version of this course was presented at both ASME local & national meetings and at Impact Hub Oakland.

Contact Sam Burd

                   510) 339-8409