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Technology Oriented Overview:

The first 25 years of Sam’s professional career was working for companies focusing on new product development, researching forefront technologies, and building businesses based on the products developed. His career began mainly by engineering patentable medical and then biotech systems. His jobs expanded to both engineering key parts of systems, managing experts for other segments of those systems, and setting-up/managing manufacturing of those products. After he switched to consulting, he continued this pattern of work adding entrepreneurial ventures.

Technical and Project Services

  • Brainstorming strategies, concepts, inventions, and problem solving
  • Engineering from disposables to microprocessor controlled systems
  • Applying tried and true, state-of-the-art, or created patentable designs
  • Optimizing niche technologies e.g. MEMS, optical interface, material science
  • Project Management including plans, budgets, milestones, staffing
  • Set-up Manufacturing by outsourcing or creating in-house production

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