For More and Better Developments

Sam’s Current Activities


  • Political: Joined the Swing Left East Bay's steering committee. Set-up weekly phone banking from Sept 29 ‘til Nov 5, 2019. Most calls were made to flip Virginia state Hose and Senate seats.  Future calls will be toward flipping the US Senate, holding onto the US House,  reducing Gerrymandering, and fighting voter suppression.

  • Engineers Without Borders: Organized and facilitated the Innovation Workshop on Nov 7, 2019. The Workshop was designed to give participants an abbreviated experience in innovation to address community-identified problems. This will lead to  working on other possible EWB innovation related programs.

Services Offered and History

For decades, Sam Burd has successfully engineered new products, started & assisted others in starting entrepreneurial ventures, organized political campaigns, and supported community improvement projects. For many of these projects, he initiated, recruited, and/or led the project to successful conclusion.

The keys to projects Sam works on now usually rely on a mixture of Sam’s interests. To make it easier to see the specifics of his background, this web site is broken into three sections; Business, Community, and Technology.

Contact Sam Burd

                  1-(510) 339-8409