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Condo Emergency Preparedness Committee

In 2013, Sam moved to a condo complex in downtown Oakland. Shortly after moving in, he joined to head up its Emergency Preparedness Committee. Sam coordinated Committee members attending Oakland Fire Department’s CORE Program (Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies).  To better follow CORE’s recommendations, a program was devised to increase residents’ preparedness for emergencies such as earthquakes and fires.  Although addressing actions in “minor” emergencies, the program mainly focuses on a major disaster that overwhelm first responders and leave residents in a condo such as ours on their own for at least 7 to 10 days. 

So far, the Emergency Preparedness Committee has done the following:

  • Had supplies purchased for basic first aid, items needed for coordinating the communications between condo floors, walkie-talkies, and AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators). 
  • Arranged for CORE, CPR and AED usage training for residents.
  • Planning for basic first aid training for residents.
  • Supported annual fire drills.
  • Developing a communications policy to coordinate the Committee efforts in an emergency.
  • Prepared a facilities information book for Committee members to use to identify building related areas might need to be addressed in an emergency.
  • Promoted Get-To-Know-Your-Neighbor events.

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