Entrepreneurial Ventures

During his early career, Sam Burd increasingly managed projects that developed successful innovative products. Over the years, he learned what worked and what didn’t in starting, growing, and optimizing innovative ventures.

In 1995, he started lecturing on starting businesses as part of the E-110 Venture Design Class at UC Berkeley. In 2000, Sam co-founded The Spark Group, LLC with the two founders of E-110. The Spark Group assistance included market research, business model analysis, business planning, company structure, source senior management, funding sources, legal ramifications, negotiations, and preparation of VC/Board/agency presentations. This experience honed the methods learned over a lifetime of bringing products to market.


The following are examples of entrepreneurial ventures Sam has started-up himself, tutored during conceptualization, guided through their start-up, and/or brainstormed to grow to be successful:

  • · Blockchain used for non-profit donations, mini municipal bond investments, solar panel purchases, resale tickets, resume verification, and democratically fund government projects 
  • · Biotech separation systems, capillary electrophoresis and DNA sequencing instrumentation
  • · Hemodialysis and healthcare diagnostic systems
  • · High throughput drug discovery instrumentation
  • · Clot removal catheters and devices used for introducing anesthetics 
  • · Apps for encryption encoding/decoding, language tutorial, and voice recognition optimization 
  • Several consulting services

Contact Sam Burd

                   510) 339-8409                             Sam@4mbd.com                         www.4mbd.com