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Engineers Without Borders

Sam joined Engineers Without Borders in 2004.  Soon after joining, he  started chairing their outreach program and recruited speakers for their meetings.  One of these contacts led to a project which Sam headed in the chapter's Appropriate Technology Design Team.  Sam headed this project developing material for sand based water filters.

Appropriate Technology Design Team (Later called the R&D Group)

The Appropriate Technology Design Team (ATDT) was formed in 2005 within the San Francisco Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders.  In 2014, the team evolved into a national EWB-USA group and it changed its name to the EWB - R&D Group. Sam co-led this team from 2009 until 2016.  

Click download to see a slide presentation about ATDT.

ATDT Presentation

Innovation Workshop


The Innovation Workshop, proposed by Sam, will be held on November 7, 2009, the day before the EWB annual meeting.  It will give participants an abbreviated experience in addressing problems in underserved communities.  The problems presented will not be sufficiently addressed by simply applying existing apparatus or proven methodologies.  Addressing these problems will require R&D of an innovative technology.  The experience will include the following:

o Questioning, and if necessary refining, a community’s problem statements into practical project goals

o Building and working with a project team

o Brainstorming possible project plans

o Evaluating ideas and prioritizing work on proposed solutions

o Planning an R&D project 

o Generating a cogent presentation

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