Sam Burd's History

Overview of Sam Burd’s Education, Work, and Volunteering


Sam Burd graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and an MBA from Pepperdine University. His career began developing medical devices, researching biocompatible materials, and studying water related technologies. During this employment phase of his career, his focus switched to developing biotechnology systems and evaluating investments in technologies developed by others. Throughout his employments, Sam’s management responsibilities grew.  Additionally, he started successful new ventures for his employers. 

He started his own consulting service, applying many of the methods learned while employed. After a few years working as an independent consultant, he incorporated Medical and Biotech Developments, Inc. Part of the corporation’s revenue came from lecturing on entrepreneurship and later co-founding The Spark Group that assisted entrepreneurial start-ups. 

The first 25 years of Sam’s professional life was working for companies focusing on new product development, researching forefront technologies, and building businesses based on the products developed. His career began mainly by engineering patentable medical and then biotech systems. His jobs expanded to both engineering key parts of systems, managing experts for other segments of those systems, and setting-up/managing manufacturing of those products. After he switched to consulting, he continued this pattern of work adding entrepreneurial ventures.

Sam’s engineering earned him 19 issued US patents and has worked for a  numerous clients.

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