Client and Colleague Recommendations

“I have known Sam for over 15 years as a business partner, a co-member of several engineering project teams and as an independent consultant. Sam is a person with very high principles as well as having an excellent understanding of the technical and business aspects of the Biotech Industry.”

Tom Roberts, CEO, SMP Tech, Inc.
Worked directly with Sam at Medical and Biotech Developments, Inc.

“We hired Sam & Co to help us introduce a new micro-machined pump to potential development partners. Sam had excellent access to key decision makers at a number of Bay area life sciences companies.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

John Skardon
Hired Sam as a Business Consultant

“I hired Sam and his team several times in the past and they have always come through for me.”

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Glenn Takayama
Hired Sam more than once

“Sam applies his depth of marketing and product development knowledge to assist companies like mine. He is very detail-oriented, writes a good report, and is easy to work with.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Joe Cordes
Hired Sam more than once

“I've worked with Sam on many projects over the years. Besides being an excellent engineer, Sam provides sound business advice that makes his projects more successful. I highly recommend Sam.”

Pete Tormey, Marketing, Bio-Rad Laboratories

“Sam achieves excellent and cost effective results using his broad set of skills, extensive industry contacts, and strategic thinking.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Doug Modlin
Hired Sam more than once

“I worked for Mr. Burd as Chemistry R&D manager while he was Business Unit Manager of the High Performance Electrophoresis business unit at Bio-Rad Laboratories from 1989 – 1992. During this period, my group developed analysis kits and applications for the capillary electrophoresis instruments, evaluated instrument hardware and software performance, and collaborated with marketing and engineering groups in the design and development of new instrumentation. Mr. Burd was a very capable manager of the business unit. He provided strong direction to all three groups (chemistry R&D, engineering and marketing). He sought out and hired capable personnel, and was able to supply the resources necessary to build the newly-formed business unit. His particular talent was to keep projects on schedule to meet product development and product introduction time lines. By the time I joined business unit, Bio-Rad was already one of two companies to introduce CE technology to the marketplace and the first to introduce an affordable manual CE. During the next two years under Mr. Burd’s direction, we developed an automated CE instrument which became one of the top three instruments in the CE market. Mr. Burd encouraged a climate of innovation, and Bio-Rad gathered an extensive IP portfolio of CE technology during this period.”

Tim Wehr, Senior Scientist, Bio Rad Laboratories
Reported to Sam at Bio Rad Laboratories

“Sam, at that time, really well managed a project to tranfer a manufacturing entity from Norway to Italy. He performed very well managing the entire project because his technical skills and pragmatic approach to project management.”

Andrea Pozzoni, Europe Logistics Manager, Bio-Rad laboratories
Worked directly with Sam at Bio Rad Laboratories

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